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About us

Restaurant Fii is part of South Estonia’s largest shopping and leisure and shopping center Lõunakeskus. We are located in the immediate proximity of Tartu’s southern drivearound road, and you can easily reach us from the Riga highway.

With our name selection, we want to carry on the atmosphere of the historic FI district, which has inspiration, courage and innovation. We offer unreal good flavors and we do it every day – from morning to night.

About our restaurant

Fii restaurant is a meeting place for intelligent and good people. Fii’s family welcomes you warmly and takes care of you with great love and care. This is exactly how we feel about the food and drinks we offer! In Tartu, the city of wisdom and knowledge, you can be sure that Fii is a place where you can take time for yourself and your loved ones. Chef has prioritized differentiation and the quality of raw materials when creating the menu.

Fii – Crown of the South Center

Food and drinks

In our taste tours, we have combined the most exciting and delicious pieces. Inspired by fresh raw materials, local consumption and maximum value, we guarantee our freedom to feel proud of the flavors that our kitchen has put on your plate for you.

At Fii restaurant, you will find a lunch menu with the largest selection, a unique tasting menu and unreal good tastes. Friendly and pleasant waiters ensure that the dish you chose will definitely find a suitable wine to accompany it.

Choose yourself – the Fii family is waiting for you!

Our people

We have the coolest team in the world! We believe in us and we absolutely love what we do!

Our common value is good teamwork – just like our friends Humal, Kampus and Pompei. Acting together and in a unified rhythm, we can only be proud of the work we have done. If you feel like you would like to be a part of the Fii restaurant, there are always more good people needed! Be sure to contact us.